McDonalds (Image courtesy Facebook)

The company is the only one in the industry to replace these artificial ingredients in its children’s menus with natural alternatives, reinforcing its constant commitment to food innovation.

In this way, it continues to advance in the evolution of its children’s menu, always offering the highest quality products with tasty, more nutritious alternatives

Arcos Dorados, the franchise that operates McDonald’s restaurants in 20 markets across Latin America and the Caribbean, announces the total elimination of artificial colors and flavors from Happy Meal products. Thanks to advances in production and the constant focus on guaranteeing the highest nutritional quality, the company is the only one in the sector to offer natural alternatives in its children’s menu, while keeping the unique and iconic flavor of its products.

“At Arcos Dorados, we are convinced that the more natural the ingredients with which we produce our foods, the better the eating experience for the customers who visit us every day. We have been innovating the menu proposal with a focus on the Happy Meal for a long time, and we are proud to be able to announce new steps in this matter. The technological evolution of the sector allows us to continue advancing, always maintaining the highest quality of products. We are proud to offer rich and nutritious alternatives, in addition to a fun experience for children with greater peace of mind for parents”, commented Marcelo Rabach, CEO of Arcos Dorados.

The recent evolution of the menu responds to one of the main concerns of families in relation to their children’s diet. Nearly 45% of parents surveyed by the company last year expressed a desire to offer their children meals without artificial additives.

“Over the years, Arcos Dorados has maintained its commitment to quality and nutrition, always starting from the origin of the food. That’s why we work with the best suppliers in the sector, demanding the most modern and innovative in production and food safety parameters”, adds Rabach.

These new changes are in addition to the changes that Arcos Dorados has been carrying out since 2011 to provide nutritional improvements to the Happy Meal,  creating alternatives for families to feel safe when eating, while maintaining its delicious, characteristic flavors.

Since then, the company has implemented important changes such as the incorporation of fruits and vegetables, and in 2015, it made adjustments to the nutritional balances of the portions and the incorporation of yogurt as an alternative for dessert. Since August 2019, the Happy Meal’s offerings have met McDonald’s Global Nutritional Criteria, endorsed by the Inter-American Society of Cardiology, the Brazilian Nutrition Association, the Argentine Cardiology Foundation, and the Peruvian Nutrition Society. Progress has been made in reducing sodium, sugar, calories and fat, as well as adding a no-sugar fruit juice option to increase the rate of consumption of the recommended food groups.

Through this evolution, Arcos Dorados maintains the priority of serving quality food to continue to generate fun experiences, with delicious food and the commitment to continue advancing on the path of offering nutritious options with colors and flavors from 100% natural sources.