Derek Achong

A meat cutter formerly employed by Massy Stores, who can not work after slipping and falling on the job, is set to receive a little over $250,000 in compensation.

On Tuesday, High Court Judge Frank Seepersad registered a consent order, which was the result of settlement discussions between the company and Susan Kizzy Morris.

In email correspondence to the parties, which was obtained by Guardian Media, Seepersad thanked them for the handling of the case.

“The court is further of the view that the Defendant should be congratulated for acting in a responsible and compassionate manner. It’s refreshing when so much is wrong to see the right thing being done simply because it’s the right thing to do,” Seepersad said.

According to the evidence in the case, the incident occurred as Morris was cleaning the meat cutting area of the supermarket chain’s Alyce Glen branch.

The mother of two slipped on the wet floor and landed on her knees.

Morris suffered serious injuries in the fall and was assessed to be 30 percent partially disabled.

The company continued paying Morris while she was on injury leave but terminated her services on medical grounds in September, last year.

In the lawsuit, Morris claimed that she was unable to work and properly support her children as a single parent.

She also claimed that she had to expend a large quantity of money for multiple physiotherapy sessions and still needed to undergo surgery for $200,000 to bring more relief.

Morris also claimed that it negatively affected her family life as she is unable to care for her children as she would have done in the past.

“I am physically unable to do routine house chores and look after my children as I once did before the accident and this has made me reliant and dependant on others and has caused me to feel helpless and unable to provide the level of care that I was once able to do before the accident,” Morris said.

As part of the order, the company also agreed to pay the $40,000 in legal costs Morris expended in pursuing the lawsuit.

Morris was represented by Ravi Pherangee and Anastasia Geofroy, while Ramnarine Mungroo represented the company.