Mukeisha Maynard

Members of the media were banned from covering the funeral of eight-year-old Mukeisha Maynard yesterday because relatives thought that the media was “insensitive” to the death of the little girl and instead “mingled too much in the family’s business.”

Maynard’s funeral was held at the Simpson’s Funeral Home, Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

Speaking to the Guardian Media outside the funeral home, a relative described the media as cruel. “They didn’t find it fit to report that the girl was killed and innocent but they find it fit to report on bacchanal and lies,” the relative said.

“The mother deserves her privacy now to say goodbye to her child who was innocently killed”, the relative added.

Maynard’s life suddenly came to an end when she was beaten by her father for urinating on the mattress where she slept with him on February 8 at their home in Caroni.

The child’s father, Michael Maynard was found hanging the next day, February 9. He reportedly killed himself after he realised that his only daughter, the last of two children, was dead.

Police said they were told by the girl’s ten-year-old brother that she would usually wet the bed and that night Maynard woke up to find his pants soaked in urine.

Maynard sent the girl to bathe before beating her with a cutlass.

Police said when Maynard observed that Mukeisha was not responsive, he dressed the child’s body, combed her hair and placed her on a bed.

Police said the brother told them that his father was crying and kept saying that he could not live with himself for what he did to Mukeisha.

The brother said his father locked him in the shack and said he would come back but he never did.

At about 6 pm on February 9, the boy realised that his father was not back yet so he jumped out of a window and alerted neighbours.

Maynard was subsequently found hanging from a tree close to his small galvanised shack at Boysie Trace, Kelly Village, in Caroni.

An autopsy on the child’s body was inconclusive. A toxicology report is still pending.