Ahead of Wednesday’s discussion by the T&T Medical Board on the alleged verbal abuse by a South doctor against his female employee, the Congress of the People (COP) is asking the board to take action which would warn other doctors against doing the same thing.

COP issued the statement on Monday on behalf of interim leader Kirt Sinnette.

COP also called on Government to make good on Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s call for teaching Civics in schools as COP hopes this will discourage the growth of racist and other negative sentiments.

Audio recordings of the alleged abuse surfaced last week.

These were widely slammed by social media activists, certain South businesspeople, the PNM Women’s League and others.

The league also led calls for a probe and the appropriate action.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said he’d asked Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi to write the Medical Board of T&T and the T&T Medical Association seeking probes of the issue and any action necessary resulting from the probes.

He said yesterday this was done.

The board in a statement to Guardian Media last week confirmed the matter would be discussed at its weekly meeting Wednesday.

The board’s statement bore the alleged doctor’s name at the top.

The Opposition hasn’t issued any statement on the matter.

United National Congress and Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe said he could only comment privately as a doctor and couldn’t give a party position, “I understand the matter’s been referred to the Medical Board. I await the outcome of those deliberations.”

The COP, however, reinforced in its statement, “Once again the COP firmly condemns all racist and forms of racism. We call for not only an in-depth investigation but also that those with the position and authority begin a process of uniting our citizens. Should the statements attributed to the alleged doctor be true we call on the Medical Board to initiate whatever measures that can be prescribed as a warning to all within this field.”

“The recent remarks attributed to the alleged doctor is emblematic of a deeper issue that will continue to plague T&T if not dealt with. Some may call for the total boycott of his services, others for even more drastic measures. Our question is, will this solve the racial undertones that pervade our society?”

“In July’s run-up to the general elections, we made several calls to all parties, leaders and candidates to totally reject and discourage any form of racism. This was deemed by the honourable Attorney General as ‘attention seeking’ on our part. But we ‘re certain the majority of our citizens within their private circles would have heard a remark or two made that would be deemed racist.”

The COP added, “With the advent of social media more and more of these ‘behind the doors’ statements are making their way into the public domain where we rant and rave fulfilling our ‘seven days’ span and then move on. The issues are never fully dealt with. Maybe a good place to start (to deal with this) would be in our schools and with the honourable Prime Minister in announcing his cabinet making it unequivocally clear that he wanted to see ‘Civics’ being brought in. We await their response. The Labour Ministry should also ensure all citizens are treated fairly and not based on race or gender.”