Dominga Pagola, right, in happier times with her family.

A Venezuelan migrant, who had been battling endometrial cancer has died.

Dominga Pagola, 57, was diagnosed with the deadly disease after she came to this country where she reunited with her daughter Maria Romero.

The woman died just around 7 on Sunday morning while receiving care at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

Romero and loved ones had been trying to raise money through a GoFundMe page to financially assist Pagola in getting the medical care she needed.

Venezuelan migrants in this country only have access to primary health care at public healthcare institutions and cannot access surgery and other life-saving treatment.

Relatives when they spoke with Guardian Media last week, said they were trying to get the money needed to take Pagola back to Venezuela to receive the care she required.

But she had to receive blood donations if she wanted to travel back home.

Last week she got two pints of blood.

Relatives said they are working on funeral arrangements but could not say if Pagola’s would be laid to rest in her homeland.