Venezuelans leave the Immigration Office on Henry Street, Port-of-Spain, after filing their re-registration papers yesterday.

Venezuelan nationals in this country have been given two more weeks to re-register, as the Minister of National Security Stuart Young has extended the process.

In a statement yesterday, the Ministry said migrants have until April 9 to submit their documentation, which it said is the final extension being given.

Originally the re-registration process began on March 8 and ended on March 26.

That exercise, according to Minister Young saw a preliminary figure of 13,800 migrants applying to live and work in this country for an additional six months.

The ministry added that while job letters and letters from landlords are “desirable they are not mandatory.”

Many migrants have complained that they cannot access job letters from employers, since some of them are working informally.

After an influx of Venezuelans to this country as a result of political and economic instability in their homeland, the government allowed them to register in order to stay in this country in 2019.

Officials said then, 16,000 migrants took part in the exercise.

The ministry has reminded that Venezuelan nationals who fail to re-register will be subject to deportation (as are all illegal immigrants in Trinidad and Tobago).