Investigations are continuing a robbery at the home of a soldier in Malabar where over $300,000 worth of items were stolen including military uniforms and equipment.

Police reported that when the 43-year-old soldier of Phase 3, Malabar returned home last Friday he noticed numerous items missing from his home.

These items he told police include documents about his job and other business transactions, certificates from various schools and several Defence Force uniforms including Defence Force rugby kits, two suits of green army clothes, two camouflage suits, one pair of military boots, four pairs of green military socks, four black military short pants, military equipment, military webbings, one white tunic with buttons, military medals, long service medals, Grenada Humanitarian medals, Summit of the America Commando medals, Martinique medals and Curacao Commando medals.

The soldier also reported that 14,000 dollars in cash, 14 ounces of scrap gold 24karat valued TT$235,200 along with a deep freeze, iron, cooking utensils tools and several items of clothing were also carted off.

Police said the total value of items stolen minus government property was estimated at $303,355.

The soldier told police he gave no one permission to anyone to remove the items from his home.

Investigations are ongoing.