Fire officers try to get a fire under control at a car part storage facility at Bamboo #3 yesterday.

A foreign used/spare parts company based at Bamboo Number Three, Valsayn was almost destroyed yesterday after a bush fire razed the back of the storage facility and spread to the warehouses containing derelict vehicles and assorted car parts.

Residents observed the bush fire around midday as it swept along the dried grassy embankment bordering the northbound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway.

Unaware of just how far the fire would creep, one man said it was no surprise that the windy conditions yesterday had fanned the flames as far and as fast as it had as by 1 pm, the blaze had already spread to the first of three storage facilities.

The care-taker said he alerted the owner whose only name was given as Tex, when he realised the bush fire was approaching their property line which was fenced with chain-link wire.

Although several people visited the site yesterday as officers battled to bring the blaze under control, they refused to speak with reporters.

However, fire officials estimated the damages to be in the millions.

Calls to the number painted on the external wall of the business place yesterday went unanswered.