Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell chairs meeting between NCC, POS City Corp

The Port-of-Spain City Corporation (PoS City Corporation) and the National Carnival Commission (NCC) on Tuesday found common ground on the issue surrounding the payment of prize monies amounting to $378,000 for the 2020 Downtown Carnival Competition following cordial discussions held at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

A statement from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, said Minister Randall Mitchell invited the parties to a meeting at the ministry’s offices on the issue of the non-payment of prize monies. During the meeting, the parties agreed to resolve the matter wherein the NCC will undertake to pay 60 per cent of the prize monies due and owing with the balance to be paid by the PoS City Corporation.

According to the statement, moving forward the ministry, the NCC and the PoS City Corporation have also agreed to collaborate on an exercise to clearly identify and demarcate areas of responsibility and control what relate to the Carnival festivities such as advertising, financing, information sharing. It is anticipated that the outcome of this exercise will result in the development of a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding between the parties which will serve as a blueprint for arrangements between the NCC and other municipalities and Carnival bodies during Carnival celebrations.

The ministry said the Memorandum of Understanding should once and for all circumvent any future similar issues or misunderstandings and also fully consider matters that pertain to Carnival’s unexplored potential.

“With the continued economic growth of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, it is now absolutely necessary to work even more collaboratively together for the ministry, the NCC, and its stakeholders to clearly identify and demarcate the areas of control and responsibility for all aspects of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival including, and most importantly its commercial aspects with a view to improving the way we manage the festival,” Mitchell said.