Senator Donna Cox, Minister of Social Development.

A day after a video featuring an elderly man appealing for assistance from behind the locked gates of a home for the aged in Diego Martin was posted on social media, Social Development Minister Donna Cox says she will visit the home.

The almost-two-minute long video was posted on social media on Thursday afternoon.

In the video, an elderly man, who identified himself as “Ali”, says there were no caretakers at the home.

“I am here alone, all by myself and I need some help, I am calling on the police to see if you can come and assist me please,” Ali said.

When questioned by the person making the video, Ali said there were two other residents at the home.

“There are three adult persons here, I am more lucid than they are. The other man is sick in bed and there is a lady but she is very uncommunicative,” Ali said.

When asked by someone off-camera whether any caretakers were present, Ali repeatedly said “No,” while shaking his head.

When he is told the police would be called, Ali responds, “The police will be able to know exactly what to do.”

In a release yesterday afternoon, Social Development Minister Donna Cox said she will visit the home on Sunday with officers from the Division of Ageing.