Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has expressed concern over the failure by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to provide a timeframe for the commencement and completion of an assessment of into the results of this year’s CSEC and CAPE results.

On Monday, the chairman of CXC, Sir Hilary Beckles assured that an independent review team will analyse the “specific challenges” regional educators and students have raised following the release of this year’s results.

However, in an immediate response to the CXC chairman’s statement, Minister Gadsby-Dolly noted that while CXC bowed to the mounting pressure across the region, it failed to quell the anxiety caused by the issues raised.

“We noted that no timelines have been advanced for the start and end of the review process.”

Both Jamaica and Barbados government ministers have joined in the call for investigations into the results of CAPE where some students said they had received “ungraded” results.

Gadsby-Dolly said just Tuesday a letter was sent to CXC calling for an “appropriate resolution strategy.”

She advised that the scope of the review also be widened to include specific information about the SBA moderation process and its results for schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

The Education Minister also called for clarification on the weighting of the exam components which were used to calculate the final composite scores for students.

She said based on the myriad queries raised by schools and individuals, including those which were appended for attention, coupled with the valid matriculation issues being raised by students and parents, the MOE expressed its hope and expectation, that the report of the Independent Review Team “would be submitted expeditiously.”

According to her, a further submission from the ministry on Friday, October 2, 2020, will transmit any further queries received from principals to CXC for investigation.

In her letter last week, the Education Ministry sent a letter to the management of CXC outlining their concerns about inconsistencies with students’ CAPE and CSEC results.

There had been mounting calls from students for CXC to review the examination results, following questions over the grading scheme used and grades allocate to hundreds of students.

She said last week, “Right now, we have approximately ten schools and we know we will have more who have submitted letters to the local registrar outlining queries at a school level and we will present that and whatever else is received, because we intend to send this second letter out by next week.”