CMO Roshan Parasram

Rishard Khan

[email protected]

The Ministry of Health has designated eight locations across the country to conduct community testing for COVID-19.

“Basically persons presenting to those facilities anytime between 8 and 4 pm with any of the following symptoms would be eligible for testing. So anyone with a fever, cough, rhinorrhea – which is runny nose, headaches, red eyes, loss of taste or loss of smell,” Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram explained in a Ministry of Health virtual press conference yesterday.

He, however, noted that tests would not be conducted on asymptomatic people. In a release, the ministry further said pre-delivery screening (for pregnant women), pre-surgical screening and screening before repatriation would not be done.

The ministry advises that the public can contact their requisite County Medical Officer of Health for further details.

Community screening would be conducted at the following locations:

St James District Health Facility

El Socorro Health Centre

St Joseph Enhanced Health Centre

Chaguanas Accident & Emergency Department

Mayaro District Health Facility

Siparia District Health Facility

Sangre Grande Enhanced Health Centre

Pleasantville Health Centre