Senator Donna Cox, Minister of Social Development.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has launched a new website (www.social.gov.tt) and according to Minister Donna Cox, it was developed with three principal functions in mind. 

  • To offer a more desirable user-friendly service to clients  
  • To facilitate greater and easier collaboration among partners  
  • To support the work of internal teams  

At the ceremony for the official launch of the website on Tuesday Minister Cox said she’s aware that many people are unable to access the ministry for various reasons. She said the website should ease some of those issues.    

 “I’m certain you are aware of the many complaints you’ve received on a daily basis from persons who for a multitude of reasons some of which are beyond this ministry’s capacity are unable to access the ministry’s services,” Cox said.  

“Or who have tried repeatedly to contact the ministry without success,” Cox continued.  

Cox said the website will also save time and resource of the average citizens especially during COVID-19.  

To assist during the COVID-19 crisis the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has been providing social support grants for rental assistance for those who lost their job or started receiving reduced income, children on the school feeding programme, and public assistance.  

Last week Minister Cox announced that over $5 billion was spent in 2020 to provide social support for those in need and as of September over 173,000 individuals and families received food, income, and rental support.  

Another key element of the website is a microsite on the website for persons with disabilities. Cox said this represents the ministry’s commitment to an inclusive environment.  

Blind Welfare head Kenneth Suratt described the launch of the website as a special moment for the visually impaired as he said one of their main concern is accessibility to information.  

“They just didn’t include us, they consulted with us,” Suratt said.  

“We believe persons who are blind must do things for themselves when they can, “he continued.  

Cox said the website is also in alignment with the Government thrust to digitise all Government offices.   

Reporter: Carisa Lee