GML’s multimedia journalist Rishard Khan and assistant producer Asasha Delzin wear mismatched, colourful socks in commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox, said the ministry is committed to eliminating barriers hindering people with disabilities.

A release from the ministry yesterday on World Down Syndrome Day quoted minister Cox as saying: “The Ministry remains fully committed to the elimination of any and all barriers that may hinder persons with disabilities from enjoying the utmost respect, dignity of self and equality.”

She addressed participants at the Down Syndrome Family Network’s 9th Annual World Down Syndrome Conference on Friday. The objective of the conference was to stimulate an international discourse on issues relevant to inclusion and human rights.

“Under the theme, #CONNECT, which the Ministry fully endorses, this year’s World Down Syndrome Day envisions that all people with Down Syndrome can connect and participate on an equal basis with others,” the release said.