The offices of the Ministry of Public Utilities at One Alexandra Place in Woodbrook. (Image courtesy Ministry of Public Utilities)

The Ministry of Public Utilities says its agencies responsible for water and power distribution have been working assiduously to ensure supplies are restored to several parts of Trinidad and Tobago, which have been affected by the adverse weather events of the past week.

In an advisory issued this morning, the Ministry assures that restoration works by both the Water and Sewerage Authority, and the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, should be completed by this evening, weather permitting.

The following is the full text of the Ministry’s statement…

Utility agencies T&TEC and WASA, continue to work around the clock to restore services to various parts of the country in Trinidad and in Tobago, affected by tropical storm conditions which impacted both islands on September 3rd, 2021.  Heavy winds and rain resulted in landslides, fallen trees and blocked roads in some instances.

In the case of T&TEC, the system experienced a total of 436 small and large outages. All of the Commission’s resources including linesmen, maintenance technicians, line clearers and senior supervisors and engineers were engaged in the restorative activities. As at 8 am on Sunday, a total of 322 outages have been restored, while another 114 are currently being attended to. The Commission estimates that this work should be completed by the end of Sunday, weather permitting.

In the case of WASA, the operations of 32 water treatment facilities, booster stations and wells were, affected by the adverse weather conditions. By noon on Saturday, production had been restored to 11 of those facilities. The Authority is also working closely with T&TEC to restore electricity to its facilities which have been affected by power outages.

The Ministry of Public Utilities wishes to thank members of the public for their understanding and patience but advises that much more needs to be done by the Authority and the Commission to stabilize the situation, which continues to be impacted by prolonged adverse weather conditions.