Police suspect the two bodies found decapitated in a forested area in Point Fortin on Wednesday evening could be that of Anthony Jackson and Aaliyah Thomas.

Jackson, 32 and Thomas 18 were reported missing several days ago.

According to police, around 4.30 pm on Wednesday PC Williams and WPC Jameson were on patrol in the Guapo area when a resident alerted them that two bodies were seen off Lime Field Road, Cochrane Village Guapo.

The resident took the officers about a mile into a forested area where the badly decomposed decapitated bodies were.

Both heads have not been found.

There has been speculation on social media that the double murders may have cartel ties because of the decapitation but police said yesterday that link has not been confirmed.

Despite the speculation regarding the identities by police, officers say the gender of the victims could not be determined due to the state of decomposition.

Police said while going to the scene, they found a man with a shotgun and ammunition.

He was arrested and taken into custody.