The search for Vernon Ganga, who went missing almost two weeks ago, ended on Wednesday after his decomposing body was found in a drain.

Investigators said an autopsy has to be done to determine if there was foul play.

Ganga’s relatives told the police he was an alcoholic and suffered from seizures.

Ganga, of Snail Trace, Scott’s Road, Penal, went missing on March 13.

He was last seen alive at Scott’s Road.

Police said a passer-by saw the decomposed body in a drain along Scott’s Road.

His brother Sundar Ganga identified his brother’s body.

A friend and co-worker, who did not want to be identified, said he had been searching everywhere for Ganga, including in the forests.

Describing him as an A-class mechanic, he believes that Ganga suffered a seizure and fell into the drain.

He said he was at his garage at Scott’s Road when a man told him that while he was parking his car when he got a foul odour.

He said the man told him that the odour came from a decomposing body in the drain.

“I was looking all over not knowing that the man right in the drain there,” he said.

Ganga, he added, had no children and he was separated from his wife.

He said he had spoken to Ganga several times about his alcohol addiction.