Learie Lewis

Claudia Rampersad, Marabella

No, I would not take it. Why? because I did my research and I found out the different side effects that would affect your body and stuff.

Learie Lewis, Marabella

Yes, I will take the vaccine because it is for your health and your wellbeing to survive this coronavirus.

Serissa Hosein, Diego Martin

At this moment, no. Later on depending on how many people actually go and take it and the outcome in terms of following- up and seeing what happens, maybe. But not at this moment. I am not comfortable.

Annaleia Francis, Arima

I would be sceptical based on vaccines in the third world, that kind of thing. I would be sceptical because the virus is still new, and yes they have that rate (90%), but everyone is sceptical now so I think that would hover over a lot of minds as it pertains to that vaccine.

Kenrick Flabady, Barataria

Ok, well first to begin, I would have to know other people who are taking it, and they are successful. But personally I’m not going to try it right now, because of age. That is my response to that.

Jesse La Foucade, Marabella

Well, right now I indecisive. I am not sure when that vaccine comes what I going to do. I just waiting on more information because I know people neither here nor there about the vaccine. Plenty people don’t trust it.