Staff of the Educational Planning and other Divisions of the Ministry of Education participate in the latest round of education consultations. (Image courtesy Ministry of Education)

“It takes a village to not only raise but educate a child.”

Sentiments expressed as the Ministry of Education (MOE) kicked-off the second round of consultations and discussions on the National Policy on Education 2022-2027, on Wednesday December 1st, 2021.

An official statement from the Education Ministry notes that this round of consultations will take place until December 17th and takes the form of working group sessions with 22 stakeholder groups as well as the National Education Advisory Committee.  Staff of the Educational Planning and other Divisions of the Ministry of Education will be facilitating the Consultation. 

“This Public Consultation 2021 -2022 is very important in the policy-making process, in that it gives stakeholders ownership of the eventual outcome. This is essential if the Ministry is to achieve its goal of relevant, modern, quality education for all learners, and is particularly imperative in the COVID-19 era,” said Education Minister, Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly.

Eight strategic areas of focus were among the primary outcomes from the National Consultation on Education 2020 and will be the foundation of the Education Policy 2022–2027: Technical &Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Revitalization; Curriculum Reform; Digital Transformation; The Education Act; Equity in Quality Education; The Transition of Learners; Assuring Student Success; and Human Resource Development. 

The Ministry says Phase One of the consultation brings together stakeholders in the Education Sector, participating in focus group discussions on the objectives of each strategic area, to garner their recommendations for initiatives to achieve same.

These strategic areas, objectives and recommended activities and initiatives will form the Draft Policy Concept Note on Education 2022-2027, which will be shared with the national population in January 2022 for their views and recommendations.