Salem Thompson has been reported missing since last week Sunday.

With Christmas just a few days away, a Gasparillo mother is begging her 16-year-old son to return home.

Esther Brown of Caratal Road, believes her son Salem Thompson ran away from home a week after she told him he could not attend a party. Brown adopted Thompson when he was two months old. She said he was last seen last Sunday by her daughter Christell Brown.

“I left home to go to the market and he walked out of the house. Christell saw him when he left. She did not ask him where he was going,” Brown said, Asked whether it was customary for him to leave home without telling anyone, Brown said yes.

She said, “He loves snacks and he used to walk out the house to go by the shop to drink a sweet drink.” She said Thompson always had a little pocket change. She said when he failed to return home, she began searching for him but nobody knew his whereabouts.

When she began checking his room, she saw two slippers and his school bag missing.

Brown said she did not believe Thompson went searching for his biological parents. She said he knew his father and his mother and had never expressed an interest in living with them.

Two days after his disappearance, she said one of Thompson’s female friends told her that Thompson contacted her via Instagram. The friend told Thompson to go back home.

Brown said she was hoping that her son could come back home so they could have an enjoyable Christmas. She said he attended the Marabella South Secondary School.

“Right now his phone is off and I don’t know what to think. He must be hide his school bag and his slippers before he left the house because when my daughter saw him leaving he did not have a bag with him,” she said.

Brown said she retired as an MTS worker and had always done her best for her children.

“Anywhere he wanted to go I does drop him and pick him back up, but when he told me there was a party in this COVID time, I told him no, he not going there,” she added.

Brown said she never before had that kind of stress and she was worried about her son’s safety.

With so many children going missing, Brown said all she wanted for Christmas was for her son to come back home.