Sascha Wilson

Three weeks after the police took her baby based on a disturbing message she sent to the child’s grandmother, a Gasparillo woman will soon see her baby.

At a custody hearing yesterday, a San Fernando magistrate granted her access to her son from tomorrow.

She will be allowed to visit him at the father’s Malabar home for three hours, three days a week.

“It is not the outcome I was hoping for but at least I will get to see my baby,” the mother said yesterday.

The baby was six weeks old when the police, accompanied by the baby’s father, came to her home on July 6 and took him.

This happened because of a message and photo she sent on the cellphone of the baby’s paternal grandmother earlier that day.

The message stated, “Let (the baby’s father) know he caused this, and I hope it haunts him every day that he lives. And when they find us the world will know of the abuse and they will know why I did what I did. This was my last straw. This postpartum got the best of me. Goodbye.”

She admitted that the words could have misconstrued as a threat.

But, she insisted that she meant no harm to herself or her baby. Sometime after the text she sent a photo of her holding the baby by one leg upside down.

The mother said it was not unusual for them to flip the baby in this position as it assists with the sensory development of the brain.

The 31 year old mother of three, who owns a medical supplies business, said this has not been easy for her children.

She said her daughter turned four years old on Tuesday but she was sad. “

My daughter said ‘mommy my wish for my birthday is that my brother comes back home for us to be a family again.’ That just broke me.

This has been traumatising. This has not been easy for us.”

The magistrate has set the custody matter for trial on September 7.

Meanwhile, she said the Children’s Authority has completed its investigation and sent it’s report to the court. She was not told whether the findings were in her favour. “I’m hoping that the matter will be completed soon so I could get back my baby,’ she said.