Moonilal and his wife Natasha waiting in line to vote at the Gulf View Community Centre.

KEVON [email protected] Housing and Urban Development Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal says despite his name being linked to the recent High Court ruling involving the Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBD) and several contractors over bid rigging allegations, he has declared victory in Oropouche East.Moonilal, the recent MP for Oropouche East, spoke to reporters as he lined up outside the Gulf View Community Centre, San Fernando to vote. Moonilal was confident that United National Congress candidate for San Fernando West Sean Sobers would wrestle the parliamentary seat from Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.He said recent attempts by the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) to spread propaganda have failed.He said last week’s ruling by Justice James Aboud had nothing to do with evidence as it was only a preliminary matter to which he was not a party.”They tried their best with that. It was a timely ruling in that sense but I was not a party to that. In fact, the Prime Minister made it out as if I was a party, but I was not a party to that. I had no application before the court. There were other persons who were before the court, who had an application to strike out. The judge ruled that the allegations were strong ,therefore, it should be heard.”He continued: “This government from 2015, you can remember CEPEP Sue’s me once in 2016. They have been after me because I was after them. They have targeted myself and others too, and that is what we got accustomed to. I don’t think those things resonate with voters. I think voters are concerned, certainly, with jobs, with infrastructure, education and now the COVID management, which appears to have blown up in their faces, so to speak.”He said there was a high voter turnout in Oropouche East that was comparable to 2015. He said the the end of the day, the UNC should poll 17,000 votes. He said despite COVID-19, there was a high turnout throughout the country and this indicates that people want change.”People are generally fed of of the incumbent, the arrogance the bullying, the lack of management and today is the day for that. I think it is a great demand for change.”Moonilal said the UNC has been following the news throughout the country and has only recorded minor incidents. These included instances of political banners being too close to polling stations, guards turning away people because of the colour of their clothing or they were not wearing a mask.After voting Moonilal said he will visit the polling stations before retiring to his office to monitor the elections.Despite being concerned that there were no Commonwealth or CARICOM election observers, he said the UNC’s legal team of over 175 lawyers filled in well and were ensuring the process were fair and free.