Dr Roodal Moonilal

With moves on-going to fill vacancies in the collapsed Police Service Commission, Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal says people cannot be asked to fill vacancies and serve under PSC chairman Bliss Seepersad since she’s lost credibility.

“Having regard to all that has transpired including complaints from former PSC members who resigned because of her, she’s now viewed as dishonourable,” Moonilal said yesterday as he added his voice to the growing debate on the matter.

“New people just can’t be simply added to the Commission to carry on under such leadership. A disgraced chairman cannot lead a new team. They’ll be infected and polluted on arrival to the PSC body if Seepersad remains the head.”

Moonilal spoke after the resignation of Roger Kawalsingh – the second to last remaining commissioner – was delivered to President’s House yesterday morning.

Seepersad did not answer calls on whether or not she would stay on at the Commission and if new members are being sought.

Retired deputy Commissioner of Police Vincel Edwards has been touted as someone being considered for the Commission.

President’s House recently said after consultation with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader, a notification for Edwards to become a PSC member, was sent to the Parliament in June 2020 for debate by the House of Representatives.

Yesterday, Leader of Government Business in the House Camille Robinson – Regis did not respond to questions as to whether or not that notification might be debated after next Monday’s 2022 Budget presentation.

Guardian Media was informed that efforts might be made to bring one or two more people to PSC commissioners.

But that information could not be confirmed.

However, Opposition MP Moonilal insists any new members must not be made to serve under Seepersad.

“Mr Kawalsingh has resigned and Ms Seepersad must go. There is no question about that at this point considering what the country has seen emanating from the hallowed halls of the PSC- nothing good.

“If we simply added new members to the PSC to replace those who’ve had the good sense to resign, it would simply be like moving scrap iron from one part of a yard to the next. She’s someone who should be subject to investigations of her conduct,” he added.