Dr. Roodal Moonilal

UNC MP Dr Roodal Moonilal says he’s taking legal action against Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley over a matter which occurred outside Parliament.

During yesterday’s Parliament sitting, Moonilal said he’d dropped a letter on his legal matter on Rowley’s desk.

“You could say anything about me, I taking on any one of them. Any day. Any time. Any place,” he told the House.

He subsequently told the T&T Guardian the matter concerned alleged remarks about Kirk Waithe.

In debate, Moonilal also claimed there are documents showing Paria Fuel Trading Ltd bought imported fuel “from the same man we sold it to.”

Claiming Paria Fuel Trading Ltd was engaging in something “dark, suspicious and clandestine” he said invoices show that US$500,000 and 50,000 barrels of oil can’t be accounted for.

But Rowley, accusing Moonilal of seeking soundbites, said Paria was a trading company which buys and sells depending on T&T’s needs and Paria’s trading business. He said Paria’s buying from the market and selling to the market was nothing new.

He said the UNC had originated allegations about the recent controversial Paria fuel shipment issue that gave birth to lies on Paria. But he said Paria had taken out whole page ads to show otherwise and Government had demonstrated to the world the allegations were untrue.

“We’re not afraid of anyone but Paria didn’t trade with Venezuela on that (shipment issue), why are you so hell-bent on labelling our company and people as breaking (US) sanctions – what’s in it for you?’’ Rowley asked.

—Gail Alexander