Dr Roodal Moonilal

Gail Alexander

There must be a criminal probe into the alleged conduct of Police Service Commission (PSC) chairman Bliss Seepersad .

And retired Justice Stanley John must also resign from the job PSC hired him to do since his work is now tainted.

UNC MP Roodal Moonilal indicated this yesterday about the commission after Courtney McNish resigned from the commission on Tuesday.

There have been reports of concerns raised and disagreements by some commissioners with the processes involved in issues after the commission began work on selecting a Police Commissioner and particularly recent ‘suspension’ of acting CoP Gary Griffith.

The selection process halted in August.

The commission had appointed Griffith to act in mid August but last Friday sent him a letter sending him on administrative leave.

Bearing out concerns by commissioners on this latter aspect, a leaked email showed that commissioner Roger Kawalsingh had emailed the commission’s chairman Bliss Seepersad on September 20 on the letter.

Moonilal yesterday claimed there is evidence to suggest Seepersad was directed by the political directorate to ‘suspend’ Griffith.

“That constitutes misbehaviour in public office on her part and any other ministers involved or may have directed it,” he alleged .

“I challenge Prime Minister Keith Rowley to bring Griffith s name to Parliament for Police Commissioner and vote against it. We were brave in 2018 to abstain on Government’s vote for him and we took a lot of licks for that.”

“But the Prime Minister lacks the (Nickie) Minaj testicular fortitude to bring that name to Parliament and vote against it,” he claimed.

“Instead there’s attempts in a Mickey Mouse kind of way to get PSC to knock Griffith out,” he added.

Moonilal, who first raised an alarm a couple weeks ago that there was a plot to fire Griffith as CoP, also said,” And we’re seeing now it’s coming to pass.”

“If you want to get rid of Griffith, get rid of him without breaking the law,” he said.