2020 Couva Junior Monarch Marcus McDonald, left, shakes hands with chairman of the Couva Carnival Committee Ramchand Rajbal Maraj.

Masqueraders taking part in Carnival celebrations in Couva will be getting more prize money this year.

The good news came from Ramchand Rajbal-Maraj, the president of the Couva Carnival Committee.

He spoke with Guardian Media on Saturday night when the committee sponsored a free show featuring artiste from the TUCO South Central tent.

The event took place at the Couva Public carpark.

Rajbal Maraj said the Couva Carnival Committee is expected to get around $300,000 from the NCC.

However, he said businesses on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate have not as yet responded to calls for assistance.

He said the NCC has given the first tranche of $190,000 which he said would go a long way towards paying prize monies. in 2019 the committee got only $160,000.

Rajbal said he was happy that the police had instituted a ban on glass bottles. He aids J’ouvert is going to be big in Couva with 15 bands registered to cross the stage.

Rajbal said Carnival Tuesday is expected to be a treat since the 2002 medium steelband champs, the NGC Couva Joylanders will be performing.

Couva South Member of Parliament Rudranath Indarsingh was at the show.

Indarsingh said he was happy with the increase of the subvention from the NCC to the Couva Carnival Committee.

Indarsingh said he wants to see the calypsonians speak out on social issues facing the public and bash the ruling regime with the same enthusiasm they hammered the People’s Partnership Government. Indarsingh said he was happy to see an increase in police presence for celebrations. He said such a move should take place year-round in the fight against crime.

He urged parents to pay attention to their children to ensure they are not attacked by molesters and predators.