Vendor Don Gomez removes plants and vegetables from his stall at the corner of Cipero and M2 Ring Road yesterday.

Heavy showers caused flash flooding in several parts of South Trinidad yesterday. Up to last evening, there were no reports of loss to property. This was the second time this week that motorists, commuters and residents were inconvenienced due to floods across the roadways and near their homes. There were reports of flooding in Penal, Debe, La Romaine, Cipero Road near Ste Madeleine and Union Hall. Penal Debe Regional Corporation chairman Dr Allan Sammy said annual flooding in certain areas has become the new normal because there is no comprehensive plan to deal with flooding in the country. He predicted more flooding if the rain continued into the night. Devendra Roopnarine, a resident of a townhouse at the Housing Development Corporation development at Cypress hills, union hall, called on the authorities to fix the drainage system in the area. He complained that the area would flood whenever there is a heavy downpour.

Meanwhile, The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has issued a riverine flood alert, yellow level, for South and Central Trinidad until three o’clock this afternoon.

It said smaller rivers and tributaries, especially in central and southern areas of Trinidad, are likely to continue rising and possibly overflow as a result of recent rainfall activity.

Further rainfall which was forecast for overnight (last night) was expected to exacerbate the situation.

The Met Office also said it continues to monitor the major river courses, but their levels were below threshold values.

It advised residents in south and central Trinidad to monitor weather conditions and river levels before venturing outside, and to also monitor updates from official sources and plan safety measures, including emergency supplies of food and water.

Today’s forecast is for variably cloudy skies with scattered showers and thunder storms during the first half of the day, which could bring stree and flash flooding as well as gusty winds.