Five Venezuelans have been held this week, in two separate incidents, for immigration offences, according to reports from the Police Service.

In one incident, the TTPS says three Venezuelans  were  detained in Palo Seco by  Siparia  Police, for  illegal  entry  into Trinidad on Monday 23rd November 2020.

In the other, an anti-crime exercise in Moruga led to the arrest of two Venezuelans for immigration offences, on Tuesday 24th November 2020.

3 Venezuelans detained in Palo Seco

Reports are that around 11 pm on Monday, Sgt Gosine and a party of officers from the Santa Flora  Police  Station responded  to  a  call  for  assistance  from  the  South Western  Division  Task  Force (SWDTF). 

The  officers  reportedly proceeded  to  Beach  Road,  Palo Seco, where upon arrival, they met Cpl Lake and a party of officers from the SWDTF,  and  observed  three  male  Venezuelan  nationals  in  a  vehicle. 

The Venezuelan  nationals  were arrested and then  conveyed to the Siparia Health Facility to be medically examined.

The  three  detainees  were  then  taken  to  the  Santa  Flora  Police  Station pending further enquiries by the Immigration Division.

Two Venezuelans among five arrested in Moruga

In the second incident, two  Venezuelans  were  among  five  persons  arrested  for  various  offences during  an  anti-crime  exercise  conducted  in  the  Moruga  Police  district on Tuesday 24th November, 2020.

The exercise included  officers  of  the Moruga Police Station, and was carried out between 2:10 pm and 7:00pm on Tuesday.

The TTPS says during  the  exercise, police  arrested  a  24-year-old  man  of  Tucupita, Venezuela,  for  driving without a Driver’s Permit, failure to produce a Driver’s Permit, driving without a Certificate of Insurance, and failure to produce a Certificate of Insurance.  In addition, a 27-year-old man of Tucupita, Venezuela, also was arrested for immigration offences.

The police exercise also resulted in the arrest of:

1.  A 33-year-old man of La Lune, Moruga, for possession of marijuana;

2.  A 50-year-old man of St Mary’s, Moruga, for possession of marijuana;

3.  A  26-year-old  man  of  Penal, for  driving  without  a  Driver’s  Permit, failure  to  produce  a  Driver’s  Permit,  driving  without  a  Certificate  of Insurance, and failure to produce a Certificate of Insurance.

Investigations are ongoing into both incidents.