KEVON [email protected]

Almost 22 hours after Curtis Joseph learned that gunmen opened fire on his son’s house, police found the corpse of 34-year-old Marvin Joseph in some bushes behind his home in Moruga. Investigators were on the scene up to late yesterday, retrieving evidence that would hopefully point to his killers.

When police found Marvin’s body around 9 am, animals already began gnawing his face.A report stated that around 11. 50 am Tuesday, Joseph, 63, went to the Moruga Police Station and reported that he received information that someone shot up Marvin’s 12 x 12 plywood house in La Lune. Together with Cpl Roopnarine and a party of officers, Joseph went to the house where the scene confirmed his fears. As they arrived, the officers saw blood in the yard, which led to the house, which was opened and disorganised. Marvin was nowhere around. They also found six 5.56 spent shells and cordoned off the area.

The Southern Division Crime Scene Unit as well as detectives from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations: Region Three responded to the scene. Officers searched the surrounding area for hours but were unsuccessful, and nightfall brought an end to the search. When a search party returned yesterday morning, they found his body several hundred metres away from the house. Investigators suspect that his killers dragged him there to die.