Moruga residents help keep a beached whale hydrated

Efforts are being made to return a whale, which was found stranded at La Lune beach in Moruga, back out to the sea.

The mammal believed to be a sperm whale was spotted in shallow waters by resident Claudius Jackson around 6 am.

Jackson said he was taking his morning walk on the beach when he saw the mammal near the shore.

With the assistance of another resident, they tried to guide the whale back out into the deep, but it would not go.

Pointing to marks on the body, he believes that it got caught in a net and was slammed against the rocks.

Eric Lewis, the curator of the Moruga museum, said this was the third whale to beach in Moruga in the last three years.

He believes that the murky water is hampering the mammal from communicating with its pod and finding it’s way.

As a result, Lewis and other persons are in the process of moving the whale to another beach with clear water.

Game wardens from the forestry division were also on the scene to render assistance.