Maysonia Thomas, the mother of 8-year-old Makeisha Maynard who was allegedly killed by her father, Michael Maynard this morning before he took his own life, said Maynard was an abuser and threatened her life on several occasions.

Speaking to reporters outside of the Forensics Sciences Centre in St James, Thomas said Makeisha was not autistic as was previously reported but rather had a learning disability brought on after she was abused by Michael Maynard when she was less than one week old.

“Makeisha is not an autistic child, she’s a slow child in the sense that when she was 6 days old while he was beating me, he slapped Makeisha in her face and that gave her brain damage so she cannot write.”

Thomas said she’s been hiding from Michael for over a year now and showed us scars she received from stab wounds she allegedly received from Maynard.

Thomas said a year ago, Michael took the children from their stepfather and kept them at the home of his mother, the children’s grandmother. Thomas said she was in the process of building her home and that’s why she allowed the children to stay in the custody of the grandmother. She also said she could not take back custody of the children because Maynard was very violent and she was afraid.

“I know if I go for them he will come for me, he used to stay if he can’t have me nobody else will. That’s why I left them with the grandmother, not the father, I did not know he took them.”

She said when any other relative attempts to take the children from him he gets very aggressive.

“He fighting mother, he fighting sister he fighting everyone.”

Maysonia Thomas said reports of his abuse were made to the Morvant and Caroni Police Stations but no arrests were made.