Kyle “Rebel Sixx” George

One of Trinidad and Tobago’s local dancehall artistes, Kyle “Rebel Sixx” George, 26, was ambushed and killed in his home at Bon Air, Arouca, on Sunday night.

But his mother has sent a strong message to his killer/s while also urging George’s friends not to act in retaliation against the killing.

The grieving mother, who took to doing a brief social media video recording yesterday, said, “There is nobody in the world outside of God who love my son more than me. I am saying too y’all know the Bible says vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay.

“I don’t want anyone avenging my son’s death. I don’t want any retaliation because my son had a big mouth. Who know Kyle know he have a big mouth. Everyone know that. But you see that. That wasn’t who he was. Just a mouth.”

Saying her son was working hard to achieve his dreams and goals, George’s mother added, “I will say to you, who is the murderer and you know yourself and you know the person who sent that hit to take him out because he is a threat … let me tell you something…vengeance is the Lord’s. I don’t have to lift a finger, nobody have to lift a finger but your time will come.

“The way I am crying and grieving and hurting today, the way my son’s son and daughter is crying and hurting because they lose a father at the prime of his life, is the same way someone will be crying for you…I not wishing it for you but the Bible says what you sow you will reap…you sow murder, you will reap murder…God is my strength.”

According to a police report, at about 11.45 pm, George, a father of two, was playing games on his PlayStation console when two gunmen dressed in black stormed into the house at Viceroy Crescent, Bon Air Garden and shot him several times. A relative who was bathing at the time told police that he hid in the bathroom until the shooters left. He said when he came out he found George bleeding on the floor.

Members of the Northern Division Task Force Central took George to the Arima Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said he was shot several times. They recovered just over 17 spent shells at the scene.

A motive is yet to be established for the killing. However, police believe it was a direct hit on his life.

In fact, George seemed to know it was coming. In an Instagram Live hours before he was attacked, George, in a post filled with obscenities, told those who were out to get him, “I ready for anything. I born to dead.”

George was popularly known for his hit Rifle War.

Yesterday, his manager, who only wanted to be identified as El Faltino, denied gang rivalry was behind the killing.

“These fellas and them is singers, them never live no life with gun and thing,” El Faltino told Guardian Media.

George’s manager said his client sang about his surroundings but was not the kind of person he sang about in his work.

“Growing up in a community and seeing certain things and you are around certain things, you speak a certain way. You relate it in your story in your way,” El Faltino said.

He told Guardian Media that T&T’s local dancehall fraternity had lost one of the more talented and dedicated artistes, noting he composed all his songs and sometimes would write three songs in a day.

“He’s very talented, writes a lot. He always in the studio, love the studio till he get he own,” he said.

El Faltino said George had many songs to release in the coming months and not all would have been about gangs and guns although that’s what people want to hear.

“Rebel was taking a different part in their music from badness to versatileness,” he said.

He said George did not get an opportunity to perform regionally and internationally but it was something in the works and people were already reaching out with opportunities.

It’s talent Minister of Community Development Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly does not deny. In an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, Gadsby-Dolly said George’s death was tragic.

“It is something any citizen would feel sad about,” Gadsby-Dolly said.

“At the principle of it, this is a young citizen working hard to make his way as a cultural entrepreneur and to see him end that violently is something that is regrettable.”

She extended her condolences to George’s family.