Sylvia Hart-Jack looks out at sea hoping, her son Kevin Jack (inset) will be found. Jack fell off a boat off the Coast of Erin Beach Erin.

Sascha Wilson

Erin mother, Sylvia Hart, spent the day yesterday at Erin beach praying that her son’s body would be found.

On Friday her son, Kevin Jack, a fisherman, went out to sea with his cousin and brother, but the vessel began spinning uncontrollably and they were flung into the sea.

Jack’s mother believes that there is no way that her son survived in the sea because he cannot swim.

“I know my son die because he cannot swim,” sobbed Hart as the tears ran down her cheeks.

While the Coast Guard and the helicopter were involved in the search, she said up to midday yesterday they had not returned to search for him. Yesterday morning she went back to the beach and joined fishermen, relatives and friends in foot patrols along the shoreline hoping that they would find his body.

Jack, 20, a father of two, would usually go out to sea with his father, but that day he went with his cousin and brother.

Hart did not see him that day because when she left for work he was still sleeping.

“He ent tell me nothing, he just gone. Normally we does talk. I leave him sleeping and ah gone to work.”

She said her sister called her with the tragic news and she hurried down to the beach.

Recalling what she heard happened, she said, “They come up the river with the boat and they head out and the boat have so much ah speed, the engine have so much ah speed that the person who was driving the boat like he could not hold down the two big engine, the engine too big that he could not hold it down and everybody just pelt out the boat and the boat just remain spinning in the water, spinning right around in the water.”

She said Jack’s cousin and brother made it back to shore, but her son was nowhere to be found.

Lamenting that Jack, the third among her children, was very loving, she cried, “I cannot live without my son. I waiting for him and he ent coming, ent coming.”

On Saturday she lit a candle in his bedroom and she intends to return to the beach every day until his body is found. The fishermen were expected to comb the sea again yesterday afternoon.

“They say they don’t want to waste the gas this morning to look for him, they will go out this evening the same thing he gone missing 4 o’clock. So they say this evening, 4 o’clock they will start to search. They say after three days the body will rise so this evening they will go out and search for him,” she said.

Erin police are investigating.