Relatives of diver Fyzal Kurban place his casket into the pyre during his funeral service at the Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek, South Oropouche, yesterday.

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As the ship horn blew, mourners saluted the man they considered their captain for the last time. And while there were tears at the beginning of diver Fyzal Kurban’s funeral yesterday, loud cheers echoed at the Shore of Peace in South Oropouche as his ship-designed casket lit on the pyre.

Kurban was one of four LCMS Ltd divers who died inside a 30-inch pipeline at Paria Fuel Trading Company in Pointe-a-Pierre on February 25.

While the deaths of Kurban, his colleagues Yusuf Henry, Rishi Nagassar and Kazim Ali Jr left the nation angered and in pain, it was a celebration of his life yesterday.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, his son Nicholas told those gathered at the house of mourning that he knew his father was in a better place.

“He was never really a sad person. He was always a happy guy. Something happened, something wrong, he would fix it. He would find something from somewhere, even on a beach. Even if he had nothing, he would find something and fix it. He was always the captain of the ship, so we have to give thanks and praise to the Lord that he is in heaven,” Nicholas said.

His brother Michael, however, struggled for words.

“I just want to say thank you, dad, for everything that you did for me.”

Eulogising her father, Britney told mourners that Kurban developed a love for the sea during his early life. In the later part of his teenage years, she said he met the love of his life Celisha and married, bringing Nicholas, Michael and Britney into the world.

Britney said while working, Kurban became a certified commercial diver, which took him all over T&T and the Caribbean.

“He was loved by everyone. To me, it seems that there was nothing he could not do. Even with his incredibly kind heart and quiet demeanour, his presence was felt by everyone around him. People like him are in short supply. Dad, you will forever be loved and always remembered,” Britney said.

Officiating over the service, Robert Oliver, from the Living Word Christian Centre, said many people had more questions than answers over the tragic incident.

However, Oliver said, the mourners should trust God, as He was the judge and vengeance was His. Oliver said the Bible taught that it was alright to be angry but not sin.

“We know that people are hurting, many throughout this nation, and I suppose there are others in other nations who have heard about this, and it has angered a lot of people,” Oliver said.

“There are those who are angry. There are those who are hurt and there are those who are bitter because circumstances could make us bitter. But we should not allow that bitterness to overtake us.”

While was is usually a sad day in saying goodbye, Oliver said, it was also a sad and joyous day, as Kurban gave his life to God before his death.

Oliver said officiating preachers would say many good things at many funerals today, knowing that person was not living the righteous life. However, he said, he felt comfortable standing and preaching at Kurban’s funeral.