Dr Rai Ragbir, UNC candidate for Cumuto/Manzanilla. (Image courtesy UNC)

Cumuto/Manzanilla MP Dr Rai Ragbir, a medical doctor, is warning that the Government’s system of administering the H1N1 vaccine to the general public can cause a “serious increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.”

In a release yesterday, Ragbir criticised the Ministry of Health for not outlining a clinical and systematic approach of “accommodating so many persons at our various public health centres” which, he said, sets the stage for “an intense explosion” in cases.

“This situation, if not handled properly, can result in our health facilities becoming hotspots for possible exposure by citizens to Coronavirus infections,” he said.

He cited the possibility of transmission between those visiting the Health Centers for COVID-19 testing and those who would be visiting to get vaccinations done.

“A great fear and concern will be that of mothers who will be petrified to take their 66-month-old infant to a health centre for the mandatory immunization, including the flu vaccine, resulting in exposing that child to the possibility of becoming infected,” he said.

Speaking at a Ministry of Health virtual press conference a few weeks ago, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram assured that cross-infection between those visiting for COVID-19 testing and those for vaccinations was not possible as suspected cases are kept separate from other patients. He also said the health workers would expedite the process for vaccinations to ensure those patients would spend minimal time at the facilities