Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Anita Haynes, at her maiden contribution as a member of the House of Representatives, during debate on the 2021 Budget. (Image courtesy Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago)

Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Anita Haynes, is calling on the Government to tell the nation the truth concerning the drilling of the BHP Broadside Exploration Well. 

In an official statement in response to news reports concerning BHP’s failure to find oil or gas in its Broadside well, the Opposition MP suggests that this latest energy sector blow will have serious repercussions for the country, going forward.

“Two months ago Keith Rowley, with much fanfare, announced the drilling of the BHP Broadside Exploration Well at the Southern Deepwater Acreage. The Prime Minister, while boasting that this would be the deepest well ever drilled in our country, even appeared to suggest that the genesis of this well was as a result of his 2018 trip to Australia during which he met with BHP executives,” she states in the release.

“Today, according to a report by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, the total depth has been reached at the Broadside Exploration Well and it is empty. There is no better metaphor for our energy sector under this administration than an empty well,” said MP Haynes.

The Tabaquite MP also slammed Government for their silence over this critical development.

“I am calling on the government to tell the nation the truth with the same exuberance as when the announcement for this venture was made two months ago,” she demanded. “What are the latest developments concerning drilling at the Broadside Exploration Well? Is it true that the drillship is now preparing to sail away from the area? Most importantly, what is next for T&T?”

MP Haynes noted that if the Broadside Well was indeed found to be empty, it could have profound repercussions for offshore oil and gas exploration. 

“Over and over, the Government kept citing their plans for an offshore bid round next year as an ‘achievement’. However, if the Broadside Exploration Well is empty, it will mean interest in those bids will be low to non-existent,” she argues. 

“Like the rest of the so-called achievements this Government loves to boast about, it seems this latest one will also amount to nothing, to the detriment of us all. What we need right now—in fact, it’s rather overdue—is a clear and comprehensive Energy Policy. Unfortunately, this government believes that crafting public relations is the same as crafting actual policy,” Haynes contended.