Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Junior speaks to a constituent after the soup distribution drive on Saturday.

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Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr has assured that deplorable road conditions in the southwestern peninsula will be repaired, once financing becomes available.

He was speaking at the launch of a community soup kitchen held at his constituency office on Saturday.

Richards, who has served as the Point Fortin Mayor before becoming the MP, said he was concerned about the plight of many constituents.

“There are very bad roads in the southwestern peninsula, roads that were not taken care of over a period of time and I have been in contact with the Minister of Works who would have had firsthand knowledge,” Richards said.

He said that Minister Sinanan sent his team down to take a look at the roads.

“They took photos, they did their assessment so I think all the things are in place to have that treated with besides finance. So as soon as the finance comes into play then we would be able to treat with some of those issues that are longstanding,” he said.

Richards urged the residents to have patience.

“We have limited resources and what we’re doing is as WASA goes down the line we are going to repair that section of the roadway so that the trouble that you have to traverse the road will be eased,” he said.

Richards noted that the MP’s soup kitchen initiative started last year.

“Today we are providing 150 soups—beef, chicken and veggie. People are partaking. That is what it’s all about. The objective of this is to basically be your brother’s keeper. We have challenging times,” he said.

Richards said he planned to team up with all the various councillors in each district.

“Every weekend we’re going to go into that district just as how we had the meal on wheels back when I was the mayor, we’re going to team up with every councillor and we’re going to go from district to district, serving meals.

He added, “ There are six electoral districts in the borough and as the MP, I am also in charge of Icacos, Cedros as well as Buenos Aires and Erin. We’re going to target from the inside out, starting from the centre of everything and every weekend we would be going somewhere else.”

He said he was doing the soup drive from his own pocket with the assistance of the best chef of the region, Dexter David.

“Everything Dexter David touches comes out good. We are targeting those who need a meal, those who need a hot meal, vulnerable families,” he said.

He noted that those who cannot come for the soup will get deliveries.

“We won’t wait for them to collect we go and drop it off as a gesture of goodwill, as representatives of Point Fortin. Point Fortin is love and this is just basically the love that we are sharing,” he added.

Concerning the Point Fortin by-election, Richards said there was work to do in the Hollywood electoral region.

“It was a tight election race. You previously held that seat and the independent candidate gave you all a fight. How u feel about that? To be honest, it wasn’t totally shocking. I thought the margin of victory was very close. I thought it would have been definitely wider than that for the PNM,” he said.

Noting a low voter turnout, Richards said it was important that the PNM won.

“We have a newly minted councillor, who was previously an alderman who is also the deputy mayor of Point Fortin. He has the responsibility now to go into the electoral district of Hollywood and continue the work that was being done there and continue to serve the people of Hollywood,” Richards said.

Independent candidate Christopher Boy Ross Wright fought the Hollywood/Point Fortin electoral district in last week’s By-election winning 307 votes. However, PNM candidate Leslie Chang Fong won 394 votes while the UNC’s Daniel John got 58 votes.