Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis, MP, laying papers before the House.

With Parliament’s annual recess ahead, MPs are waiting to see if any election date may possibly be called.

Parliament normally takes its annual recess from the first week of July until September.

Yesterday, Lower House Leader Camille Robinson-Regis said regulations allow for sittings to continue until July 3.

After that, according to Parliament regulations, both the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament must take a recess until the first week of September.

The Parliamentary term is due to end by September 7 and Parliament must prorogue to end the five-year term by September 22.

Prime Minister Keith Rowley said recently that elections will be called “when due” and no later than December 23.

He had said that when Parliament resumes after its recess, it will be prorogued in September. Once that occurs elections must be held within 90 days after.

In the last few sittings before the recess, the Senate meets at 10 am today and the Lower House on Wednesday afternoon. However, Robinson- Regis said sittings can be held up to Friday.

There’s been speculation from the Opposition in recent weeks on whether elections may be in late August or early September.

An election can be held 35 days after notice of the poll is announced.

Yesterday UNC MP Suruj Rambachan said, “We expect (polls) sooner or later. The Government can’t go beyond September. We’re ready for it, we’re been preparing the country’s seen that we have a plan.”