Mum of drowned teen boy wants second autopsy

Doolary "Christine" Ramdeen believes there is more to her sons' tragic deaths than mere drowning.

The mother of the teenager who, along with his young brother, drowned in an abandoned pool in a quarry in Valencia on Sunday, wants another autopsy done on her sons.

Doolary “Christine” Ramdeen, the grieving mother of 13-year-old Paul Junior Soogrim, and seven-year-old Jason Soogrim, is calling for answers surrounding their death as she believes “something more happened on that day there.”

An autopsy done this week revealed that both brothers died from drowning. However, Ramdeen said if she had the money, she would see to it that she had a second independent autopsy done.

“I believe that something happened because from what I heard, both boys were riding their bicycles and stopped behind a man’s car and left (the bikes) there and then ran down by the pool.  But there are no trees there, so anyone could have seen the children from a distance. There was nothing to block anyone’s view,” Ramdeen said.

“When half an hour passed, then the man ran up by family members to tell them what happened. When my brother-in-law and the others went there and looked around, the man stood up right there—right where the bodies were found—and you’re telling me that he don’t know what happened? That’s strange and it doesn’t add up,” she added.

Ramdeen said that same day, the neighbours moved out of the area and no one has seen them since. She told Guardian Media that a statement reportedly was given to the police but could not confirm such. She said the police are yet to provide an update as to the status of their investigations.

The grieving mother noted that the COVID-19 crisis has negatively impacted her and her family. She is worried that she would not have sufficient funds to give her sons a proper, final farewell, and is appealing to the public for assistance.

“I thank those who are helping so far and I am thanking those who will help me in the near future, because I was a single parent to my son, Junior, as his father and I separated a long time ago,” she told Guardian Media.. “It wasn’t even 24 hours after my son celebrated his 13th birthday that I lost him. It is really hard and I want what really happened to him to come out.”

Those wishing to help Doolary “Christine” Ramdeen can contact her at 291-3646.