Murder victim’s mother: Jealousy killed my son


The mother of Kareem Marshall, who died in a shooting incident in La Fillette Village, Maracas, on Wednesday, says he was killed because of jealousy.

Reports are that at about 12.05 am on Wednesday, the 29-year-old father of two reportedly was at his home watching a movie with his live-in girlfriend, when three gunmen entered through a window and opened fire on him killing him on the scene.

Guardian Media understands the gunmen wore masks and bullet proof vests with markings that read “Police”.

Kareem Marshall’s girlfriend reportedly escaped with her life after she was dragged outside her home by one of the gunmen and desperately begged for her life.

Speaking at the Forensic Science Centre on Thursday, Marshall’s mother, Donna Thomas said, she strongly felt it was jealousy that led to her son’s death.

She claimed that Marshall was responsible for demolishing a wooden structure in which his girlfriend lived in and erecting a concrete house.

“He told me that after he built the house, gunmen opened fire outside but he paid no mind because to him, he did not have any enemies, so he didn’t take them on,” Thomas said.

She said her son was a hustler and would do anything to earn a living.

He was the father of two daughters, ages eight and seven years.

“They are grieving for their father, even though they lived with me and he had lived there with his girlfriend and her children,” Thomas said.

The grieving mother remembered her son as a kind and loving person:

“He always called me to tell me he love me,” she recalled.

Donna Thomas wants more of a police presence in hot spot areas, in order to prevent the occurrence of murders and shootings.