A police investigator, at right, speaks with the DMO, left, outside the scene of the triple murder (house in background) in Oudan Trace, El Socorro, last night.

Homicide investigators are at this time trying to ascertain just how the murder weapon in last week’s triple murder in El Socorro was brought into the country undetected. 

Last Friday Kumarie Kowlessar-Timal, 76, her daughter Radeshka Timal-David, 48, and Zachary David, 20, were shot to death at their home. 

A 25-year-old male relative, who was visiting from Canada, is the prime suspect. 

Investigators say charges are expected to be laid later today. 

However, officers are puzzled as to how a pistol, which is registered in Canada, was able to pass all border security check points. 

They say the weapon is a match for the bullets found at the murder scene. 

Once charges are laid today, the man would most likely appear before a magistrate next week Monday.