Investigations are continuing into several serious incidents—including a murder—which occurred on Sunday, during curfew hours.

Shot after breaking curfew

Guardian Media understands a 29-year-old man, who broke curfew on Sunday night by leaving a friend’s house in Mt D’or, was shot and thrown over a precipice.

The victim has been identified as Darkwell ‘Darkie’ Thompson, of Community Drive, Mt. Dor, Champs Fleurs.

According to a police report, at about 10 pm, Thompson was walking along Community Drive, Mt D’or, in the vicinity of a precipice, having just left from his friend’s home, when a car drove up alongside him.  The vehicle’s occupants reportedly shot him several times before speeding off.

Residents who heard the gunshots and the speeding car went outside of their homes to see what had occurred, and said they saw Thompson attempting to climb up onto the road from the precipice. He had been shot several times to the lower body, in his both legs and buttocks.

The police were called to the scene and took the victim to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he underwent emergency surgery.

Police officers subsequently were informed by the doctors that Thompson, whilst undergoing emergency surgery, succumbed to his injuries at about 10:53 pm.

A murder in Petit Valley

In an unrelated murder, 31-year-old Ricardo Ottley, of Simeon Road, Petit Valley, was found dead at his home.

At about 6:15 pm on Sunday, a party of officers responded to reports of gunshots heard coming from Ottley’s house.

When they arrived at the location, they met Ottley’s brother who took the officers to a one-room apartment in a blue and white upstairs and downstairs building, where they found Ottley lying dead on the ground.

Investigations are ongoing.

Stabbing incident in Couva

Police are investigating reports of a stabbing and wounding in Couva, which occurred during curfew hours, early on Sunday morning.

According to a police report, at about 3 am, the 32-year-old female victim was liming on Junon Street, California, Couva, with friends.  She reportedly was drinking alcohol and smoking drugs with a male friend whom she knows, when he began acting in a violent manner towards her and dealt her several stab wounds about her body with an unknown object.

The woman was taken to the Couva Health Facility where she was treated and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital for further medical treatment.

Man shot in Maloney

A 35-year-old man in Maloney was shot and wounded while liming during curfew hours, on Sunday.

Police said at about 10:30 pm on Sunday, the victim was liming on the ground floor of Building 7 with other persons, when two masked men approached them and shot the victim in the lower left leg. The two masked men then ran away.

The victim was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he was treated and listed in a stable condition. He was later transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre for further treatment.

Investigations are ongoing.