Former PNM deputy leader Nafeesa Mohammed with UNC’s San Juan/Barataria candidate Saddam Hosein.

Former PNM Senator Nafeesa Mohammed has accused the party’s political leader, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of “disgraceful behaviour,” and advised him to “get some help,” saying he needs “serious treatment.”

Speaking on Tuesday evening at a meeting in El Socorro in support of the UNC Candidate for Barataria/San Juan.

Mohammed took umbrage with statements made by the PNM political leader at a meeting in Chaguanas East: “What really trip me off, I could not believe my ears when I got a clip of Dr Keith Christopher Rowley speaking at a political meeting, I think in the constituency that Clarence seeking to represent and he had the audacity to say that I became a senior legal adviser to the Prime Minister because I could not feed my family.”

Mohammed described the statement as “the most demeaning, disgraceful, disgusting statement.”

She insisted that what transpired was quite different: “You are telling me I was begging for a position to be a senior legal adviser, but you are the one who asked me to come and help you, you are the one who asked me to come and work with you.”

Mohammed accused Rowley of treating “women with a certain amount of disdain.”

She urged him to “get some help, you need some serious treatment. You are a perpetrator of political abuse and I am not the first or the only woman in Trinidad and Tobago who has had to endure your disgraceful behaviour.”

She said she expected more of the person who held the office of Prime Minister.

“I respect the office but I also expect you to conduct yourself in a different way and treat people with respect man,” Mohammed said.

Declaring that “democracy is under threat,” Mohammed said “judgement day is on the 10th of August and we have to let our fingers speak.”

She said her parents had taught her “to stand up for principle and for what is right,” and while she had been faithful to the PNM sometimes even going against her family, she could not do it any longer.

Having switched allegiances Mohammed said for the first time she had put on a “yellow robe,” and was now supporting the UNC candidate for Barataria/San Juan Saddam Hosein.

She urged the people of El Socorro, who she said had been “painted with the brush of terrorism” by the Rowley administration following raids on homes and a mosque in the community, to let their fingers do the talking on election day.

“Go to the polls let your fingers speak for truth, let us speak for justice,” she urged.