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Nationals in the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Suriname and the Middle East are expected to return home within the next few days as Government continues to examine the logistics of repatriating citizens and allowing some to leave T&T as the country’s quarantine facilities are now at capacity.

“We are currently waiting on further details of those granted exemptions to return from the UK/ Europe and Middle East to provide us with their travel arrangements.

“We expect them to begin arriving in the next few days,” Minister of National Security Stuart Young told Guardian Media in a WhatsApp message yesterday.

“We are also expecting persons from Suriname, and some other jurisdictions in the next few days totalling 30-35,” he added.

He noted that some nationals from these countries, particularly from the Middle East, UK and even India have already started to return.

However, with plans being made to allow T&T students studying in the United States to leave to resume their studies, Young said the ministry is currently working out how to use these flights to repatriate nationals.

He said: “We are currently working out the details and timing of flights to take Trinidadian students to the US and to begin the repatriation of nationals in the US with the first repatriation flight.

“This requires us to work out the numbers of spaces available in state quarantine and those who will pay for state-supervised quarantine.”

Young also indicated there were a small number of serious medical cases which returned.

“So the cycles of repatriation and safe quarantine continue as we balance the safe return of our nationals with the protection of persons in Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

Speaking at a Ministry of Health virtual press conference last week, Young indicated the nationals to return from the UK, Europe and the Middle East totalled 80.