FLASHBACK - Members of the public filling out their documents to receive the vaccine at the SAPA Vaccination site, in December 2021.

The National Trade Union Centre (NATUC) is claiming that many employees in the private sector are at risk of losing their jobs because of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

An official statement issued by the union body today states:

“The National Trade Union Centre (NATUC) has been inundated by calls from employees in the private sector who are facing dismissal or non-renewal of contracts based on their COVID-19 vaccination status.  NATUC wishes to inform all affected employees that there is no legislative framework for COVID-19 vaccination as a pre-condition for employment.”

According to NATUC, employers cannot do this to their employees.

“Non-renewal of employment contracts on the basis of an employee’s vaccination status is tantamount to vaccine coercion. An employee’s COVID-19 vaccination status is not a justifiable concern to the employer or any other non-medical entity.”

NATUC also noted:

“The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has removed the “Safe Zone” provision under the Public Health Regulations. Declaration of COVID-19 vaccine status is not required for participation in public life, travel, work or leisure.”

NATUC says it is prepared to represent any employee facing

I) vaccine based discrimination in hiring;

II) where COVID-19 vaccination is being enforced as a condition of continued employment; or

III) where vaccination is now appended as a condition for the renewal of an expired contract of employment.

The union body is encouraging any employees encountering such situations to contact +1 (868) 727-6332; or email [email protected]