The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has made public the menu for patients currently at the Couva Health Facility saying they were well balanced.

The hospital is one of the main hospitals where patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 are being quarantined and treated.

The menu release from the NCRHA was prompted by a published report last week where one of the patients at the Couva Hospital complained about the food being served, saying in on instance they were served bread and one boiled egg.

According to the menu for the last two weeks, sent by the NCRHA, the patients received three meals per day.

It shows for breakfast on most days scrambled eggs, bread and another side dish was served, for example, pumpkin choka, melongene choka or soy chunks. Tea or juice was also served on most days.

As it related to lunch, there was a rotation of baked chicken, stewed chicken, and curried chicken, accompanied by a variety of rice options as well as peas or salad. Juice was usually served with lunch.

In terms of dinner options, the NCRHA said patients mostly received a salad with bread and a side dish, for example, chicken salad, cheese/cheese paste or selected types of patties.

This was presented with either tea or juice.

NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas said, “The meals are well-balanced and well-prepared, according to each patient’s health needs, the general ages of the patients, particularly our cruise ship guests (over 60 years of age), and implied co-morbidities (heart disease, diabetes, etc).

Reporter: Chester Sambrano