The petition calling for the protection of women in Trinidad and Tobago, at CHANGE.ORG. (Image courtesy CHANGE.ORG)

Following the tragic discovery of andrea bharatt’s body on Thursday (February 4th), a petition entitled “Protect Our Women In T&T” has gone viral, gathering almost 60,000 signatures.

The CHANGE.ORG petition is demanding that both the Government and Opposition take immediate action to make the country safer for women.

It is calling for, among other things, the legalisation of pepper spray, the registration of all private cars operating as taxis, as well as the return of the death penalty.

The creator says she does not have all the answers but admits that something needs to be done.

By 11:40 this morning, the petition had just over 58,000 signatures.

It is hoping to gather 75,000 signatures.