Jeanine Brandt, Miss World Representative for Trinidad and Tobago. (Image courtesy Jeanine Brandt, Miss World T&T/Facebook)

Jeanine Brandt, this country’s representative to the Miss World Pageant for 2021, has issued a statement in response to the public outcry over her presentation at the global contest on poverty issues in Trinidad and Tobago.

The following is the full text of the statement issued by Ms Brandt in her official social media platforms…

On Monday 17th January 2022, a video clip of my presentation for the Beauty with a Purpose Head-to-Head Challenge from the Miss World 2021 pageant was circulated on social media platforms.

I was asked to present in under two minutes my beauty with a purpose project to a panel of judges.

As the Miss World Representative for Trinidad and Tobago, I appreciate the significance of my role. I can and have attested to all the beauty our nation has to offer; however, in this instant, I was asked to present on a societal issue I was passionate and purposed about.

Over the past two years I have worked assiduously through my NGO The Brandt Beauty Foundation to aid and support underprivileged communities.  My intention was never to portray our twin island nation in a negative light or to bring ill repute to the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Franchise.