Hip hop artiste Nicki Minaj aboard a Tribe truck looks at masqueraders during the Parade of Bands at the Socadrome, Hasely Crawford Stadium, on Tuesday.

Trinidad-born US-based rapper Nicki Minaj may have had a bit of a spoiler for her first ever Carnival experience on Carnival Tuesday after a video went viral on social media showing her husband, Kenneth Petty, pushing away the hand of Road March 2020 king Neil “Iwer” George during his performance on a Tribe music truck.

The outrage of T&T citizens immediately following coming down on Petty in the form of memes and critical statements.

The video shows George greeting Minaj on a Tribe music truck but when he tried to raise her hand to have her jump up with him, Petty quickly shoved George’s hand away with his elbow.

Some of the memes called for Petty to apologise to George.

Minaj took to her Instagram page on Ash Wednesday, posting a video of her and Petty expressing her love for him.

Minaj also apologised saying that her husband does not understand T&T’s culture and is always on “security mode.”

George, in his response on social media, said he believed that her husband did not know who he was as he was wearing a Tribe Music t-shirt.

In a statement issued on social media, George said: “…so he may have thought I was part of the sound system group. Nicki’s husband is not familiar with Trini culture so he did what any husband would do and that is go into protection mode.”

George said he didn’t stress on his actions.

“Nicki is our queen and that’s her husband we love and respect them. Alyuh pat down and let them enjoy the rest of their stay,” George said.