The partially submerged water taxi, Carnival Runner, in the San Fernando harbour. (Image: IVAN TOOLSIE)

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) has given assurances that two vessels are being used on the Port of Spain to San Fernando route, servicing the needs of the travelling public, safely and reliably.

In an official statement, NIDCO reports that several entities have been brought in to deal with the Carnival Runner water taxi, which “began taking on water” in the early hours of Monday morning.

“A team of officials from NIDCO, Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service and the Port of Spain Regional Corporation are working towards stabilizing the vessel. Based on the current operations it is expected that the vessel will be stabilized before 1pm today. Professional divers are also on site to carry out an underwater investigation to determine the cause of the incident,” the NIDCO release reported.

The company stressed that the Carnival Runner had not been operational at the time of the incident.

“Carnival Runner, the water taxi on laid up status (not operational) began taking on water at about 4 a.m. on Monday, 30th August 2021,” NIDCO explained.

It also reported that the sea route is being serviced at present.

“NIDCO assures the travelling public that safety is the highest priority for the Water Taxi Service. Accordingly, the two vessels which are currently being utilised on the service from Port of Spain to San Fernando continue to achieve their 100% vessel reliability rate and a 98% vessel safety index annually,” the company assured.

NIDCO is expected to provide further updates on the Carnival Runner situation, once it completes its investigation into why the vessel began taking on water this morning.